7th International Workshop on Layered Materials
Kraków-Tomaszowice, 9-13 September 2018

Wawel z mostu Debnickiego (2007)

It is our pleasure and honour to invite you to participate in the 7th International Workshop on Layered Materials in Kraków, Poland at the Tomaszowice Manor, Kraków Conference Centre located 15 km from the Main Market Square.

This conference is a continuation of a series of Workshops on Layered Materials organized every two years (2006 Alessandria Italy, 2008 Vercelli Italy, 2010 Bochum Germany, 2012 Campinas Brazil, 2014 Mulhouse France, 2016 Kutna Hora, Czech Republic)

About the city

Kraków is one of most important and beautiful historic cities in the central eastern Europe with preserved Middle Age street plan an many original buildings. It was a capital of Polish Kingdom until 1596, the seat and burial place for Polish kings and the location of the now 650-years old Jagiellonian University. Kraków was established in the 4th century on the Wawel Hill, which is now occupied by the Royal Castle. A legend attributes he town's establishment to the mythical ruler Krakus, who defeated a dragon, Smok Wawelski living in a den below the hill (open to visiting). The city has been a leading centre of trade and culture since its beginning and remains one of the most important cities in the country. Karol Wojtyła lived and worked in Kraków before being elected Pope John II.

Kraków, designated a European City of Culture, is an important centre of science and learning: its renowned Jagiellonian University (est. 1364) is one of the oldest schools of higher learning in Europe while J. Haber Institute of Surface Science and Catalysis is one of premier younger research institutions located here. The old city centre has been recorded on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Krakow offer a potential of wide range of opportunities for places to visit: treasures of the Old Town, the historical monuments of the Jewish district with numerous outdoor cafes, socialist realism atmosphere of Nowa Huta built around a steel mill started after 1945, picturesque landscapes of the valleys near Krakow, Niepołomice Forest, Ojców National Park with its Hercules Club rock, and the unique underground chambers of the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Many places offer trips to the notorious museum of concentration camp in Auschwitz.


Lectures, poster sessions and accommodation: Tomaszowice Manor, 15 km from the City Centre and 11 km from the Balice Airport.


All types of layered materials compositions including silicates and 2D zeolites, phosphates/phosphonates, layered double hydroxides (LDH), clays, transition metal oxides, organic-inorganic hybrids/MOFs. The coverage includes synthesis, characterization, modification, adsorption, catalysis, intercalation chemistry

Scientific Committee:

Barbara Gil, Wieslaw J. Roth, Wacław Makowski

Organizing Committee:

Dorota Majda, Paweł Kozyra, Agnieszka Węgrzyn
Polish Zeolite Association (www.ptz.org.pl)

Options for Excursions (depending on suggested preferences):
  • Wawel Castle: visiting Kings Chambers
  • Main Market Square: Underground Museum Tour
  • Farther afield: Auschwitz, Wieliczka, Wadowice (birthplace of Pope John Paul II)
Exact dates, price and plenary speakers' names will be announced soon here.